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Darbyshire Frames in Collaboration with Tagsmart

28th July 2016

Darbyshire Frames are delighted to announce our partnership with Tagsmart. This will enable us to add DNA-tagged proof of authenticity to your artworks, increasing their value and protecting your work from fraud and forgery.

Tagsmart is the world’s most advanced artwork security platform. It offers an uncopiable smart DNA tag placed on the artwork itself, a smart Certificate of Authenticity that can provide irrefutable proof of ownership and provenance and a Digital Passport of the artwork uniquely paired to the smart DNA tag.  You can see more about Tagsmart’s products and how they are used at: http://www.tagsmart.com/products

The platform has already shown strong traction in the Art World and has been adopted by some of the world’s leading artists including Marc Quinn, Gary Hume, Mat Collishaw, Mat Chivers, Idris Khan, Deborah Azzopardi and Jurgen Kuhl amongst other and generated a tonne of media interest that you can view here: http://www.tagsmart.com/in-the-news/

Tagsmart has agreed to offer Darbyshire Frames clients the option to tag their current inventory at no risk and with no upfront charges – you only pay for the tags when you sell the work. (subject to an annual registration fee)

Tagsmart offers a fully managed service, with the Tagsmart team on site tagging and logging all works in situ. You only pay when and if you sell the work but in the meantime, you effectively seal and safeguard the copyright of your work forever

You are welcome to view firsthand the products in Darbyshire Frames in White Lion Street or contact Tagsmart (julie@tagsmart.com) directly for a one-to-one demo to discuss your specific studio or gallery requirements


Click Here to Register with Tagsmart

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tagsmart Label

The Tagsmart tag

Digital certificate

Digital Certificate of Authenticity


Certificate of Authenticity