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Picture Frames


Metal Frames

We fabricate using aluminium, mild and stainless steel, and brass, which is cut, welded, and finished with expert care and precision by our metal technicians. These make very robust and durable frames that can be furnished in a variety of ways, including polished and brushed effects. Aluminium can also be powder coated any colour for a hard waring, eye catching finish. Aluminium frames are stronger, more robust and lighter than their wooden counter parts, making them the perfect solution for large scale works.

Wood Frames

We are experienced in using a wide variety of woods from beech, maple, American black walnut, lime, oak, and cherry to simple tulip wood. Darbyshire considers each brief on it’s own merit, and will ensure fabrication in the most appropriate choice of wood. Where necessary we will preserve the integrity of the wood with the application of a variety of clear lacquers. We are able to tackle the most demanding briefs through attention to the detailed architecture of each frame at all stages of production, offering unique and dependable solutions.

Custom Frames

Over the years our customers have approached us to find inventive solutions for their framing ideas. This has lead to experimenting with a variety of materials. We can build frames from formica, corian and glass, and have become pioneers in the world of framing solutions. We’re not afraid to take new risks with materials and designs in order to create an exceptional one of a kind frame.

Tray Frames

Tray frames are usually employed around works in cases where no glazing is required. We make these in a variety of materials, including wood, aluminium and corian. Proportions and finishes are bespokely designed for each individual artwork.


Paint and Stain

Sprayed white frames have been our staple for many years, and are very popular with both galleries and artists. We use a two pack spray technique which guarantees a professional hard waxed finish. Along with white, we can spray any colour alongside some of our specialist spray finishes which we have custom developed over the years.


We employ highly skilled craftsmen trained in all aspects of gilding and patina work. We use both water and oil gilding techniques to help enhance the beauty of your artwork. This may be a highly burnished ‘Bacon’ frame, or a distressed silver leaf frame for a vintage photograph.

Metal Finishes

Darbyshire now makes striking bespoke brass frames, hand shaped by our metal technicians to produce the required face and depth. The corners are joined with a ‘silver soldering’ process, then polished and lacquered to prevent oxidization. We also have a range of Antique finishes available on a range of metals, as always please do not hesitate to contact our London studio where we are happy to discuss options with you and provide as much consultation as is required.

Fitting Up

Fitting Up

We have two fully equipped, state of the art clean room facilities where our specially trained staff mount and prepare artworks for fitting into frames. We have highly skilled conservators within the team to ensure any delicate or specialist procedures are administered responsibly and with the appropriate care.

Art Store

Artwork is stored in our dedicated humidity controlled art store, staff are trained in all aspects of art handling and preparation.