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Timo Lieber – THAW

18th January 2017

THAW – Photographs of The Melting Arctic Polar Ice Cap by TIMO LIEBER


101 New Bond Street



20 – 23 February 2017

Monday to Thursday: 10am – 6pm


Darbyshire are thrilled to be working with Timo Lieber once again to provide framing for a new exhibition, THAW, an inspiring and emotive collection of images which capture spectacular views of the Arctic landscape, and simultaneously alert the viewer to the growing problem of rapidly melting Arctic ice.

“The environment is a key ingredient in all my photographic work. Having travelled to the Arctic numerous times and seeing the rate of change there, I had the idea of creating this new series.”

THAW is the result of two years of planning and research with leading glaciologists to produce a show that is more than just a photography project, but a collaborative crossover between fine art photography and science.

“Timo’s images illustrate the dramatic changes we have been observing in the Arctic during the early 21st century.”

– Prof. Julian Dowdeswell, Director, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge

The show is presented in broad hand-made Tulipwood frames, finished with a subtle half white tone. White cotton rag window mount, and low glare UV glass provide protection and clarity for these extraordinary images, the largest of which is 1.7 metres square. The project is being exhibited for the first time by Bonhams in Bond Street.

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THAW Timo Lieber - Darbyshire


THAW Timo Lieber - Darbyshire